Ceon Media is the umbrella entity for Melbourne based Photographer, Chris Eon Mitskinis.


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Available for TVCs, Corporates, Event Coverage, Music Videos, Stills and Narrative work.




"I was absorbed as a child. I can remember my walls were covered with movie posters, Verhoeven’s Robocop plastered right above my bed. It was many VHS tapes later though, in my teenage years, that I discovered the cinema. I loved where the cinema could take me and I was being whisked away with the optimistic tail end of the American New Wave to be brought up on their Indie movement throughout my High School days.


The experience as a young teenager on the set of the Australian mini-series, Moby Dick and then Noah’s Arc (in 1996) only enhanced the magic of the movies. I was a tourist on those sets, able to sneak in while my step-father worked in the Art Department.


After a brief stint studying Graphic Design after High School, where I had fallen in love with photography, I decided to leave my drawings behind and pursue my other interests in moving pictures. It was here in my early 20’s that I realised I could actually have a career in the Film Industry.


I opted for a technical Film & TV Diploma at NMIT in 2002. The practical nature of the course allowed opportunity to learn a broad base and begin freelancing as a Camera Operator and Editor. I tried everything and anything then, but always found myself coming back to the camera.


By 2007 Ceon Media was born and I had begun taking on corporate clients, creating web videos and short documentaries. But this work was far from the world of narrative cinema that I had always wanted to be a part of. Persistence finally paid off, and I was given an opportunity to work in Drama. Under veteran Gaffer, Con Mancuso, I worked within the lighting department on the ABC series, Carla Cametti PD. The series was being shot by Leilani Hannah ACS on the Panavision Genesis. I immediately knew that despite having 5 years behind me at this point, my journey had just begun all over again.


Over the following 9 years, I worked within the lighting and camera departments on many Films and TV series around Australia, with numerous TVCs littered throughout. A number of years were also spent teaching Digital Storytelling in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia. During which, I continued to earn my way as a freelance photographer, camera operator and editor. Towards the end of this period I found that my interests had shifted beyond the technical, to the language of storytelling. In particular, the visual vocabulary that had whisked me away unknowingly as a kid. Although I had always loved the camera, I was now appreciating the craft more and could start moving towards creating images that had more to say.


I've found my images through many intersecting interests and my career has developed in a very organic way. I'm appreciative of all the people that I've learnt from over the years and look forward to where the road will lead me next."

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